Hi, I'm Patricia, from Venezuela. I once thought that feminism was unnecessary, now I consider myself 100% feminist. You can ask me anything on how I changed my mind!

Patricia Graziani
Jun 18, 2017

When I was a little younger, I didn't understand what feminism was about. I thought that feminist were just a bunch of mad women who hated men. Also, I thought that it wasn't necessary fighting towards women's rights because I felt like we had them all. 

As I grew older and started reading more I noticed that women are not as empowered as I thought we were. I started feeling the typical misogynist, sexist and "macho" behaviors in Latin America, specifically in Venezuela. I started worrying more about this social issue. 

Although there are some things about modern feminism that I don't share, I consider myself 100% feminist and try to be as critical as possible with this theme.

You can ask me anything on how I changed my mind and my perception about modern feminism.

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