My name is Kristina and when I was 12 years old, I spent three months in the basement with my family during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. I didn’t have much understanding of what was going on but I still remember every moment of it. Ask me anything!

Tina M.
Jun 16, 2017

The 78-day bombing campaign caused severe damage to infrastructure, business facilities, schools, health care institutions, media outlets, monuments of culture, bridges, companies, TV, schools, hospitals, monuments, villages...  Some of the buildings, hit during NATO attacks, can still be seen in Belgrade.

I remember the sirens that would interrupt our games, so we would all rush and hide in the basement. All 6 of us in the dark basement, around 15 squared meters of space. I remember the smell of wine in the basement while I hugged my mom in the armchair. I remember my grandmother praying, my mother crying. I remember the frightened younger brother and how I had never seen my father so worried. I remember overwhelming sound of engines, while they cut through the sky above our house. I never couldn’t understand and accept the fact that someone is flying above us with aim to make some damage and kill someone.

I was avoiding to go outside, I was listening around, slept badly and had nightmares... Every day was lasting forever, we didn’t attend school, watched news from minute to minute, with horrible reports and bad forecasts.  Ask Me Anything!

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