My name is Mia, and I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I've been through 1990's and live in Bosnia. I have studied for 8 years in an ethnically divided city, with a "war border-line". That has not stopped me from crossing the line and creating friendships. AMA

Jun 18, 2017

I am Mia and I was born in 1990 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Everything went well until the war started. I went to being refugee in the end of 1992. I tasted "the piece of war" and also tasted "refugee life". When I came back, my country, which is the most beautiful country for me, was destroyed by war. Consequences are still present today. In 2009 I went to study English Foreign language at the most beautiful city - Mostar. However, Mostar was divided ethnically into two parts: Eastern Mostar belongs to Bosnian majority of population and Western Mostar belongs to Croatian population. The city was divided by "imaginary" line. It was old border line from war days which divided these two parts of town, these two nations who were at war. Many people died on that same line. After the war, "the line" stayed in the heads of Mostar citizens. Some people haven't crossed the line for 20 years. After the war, this was problematic terrain. There were street fights, chauvinistic graffiti and hatred displayed between residents of different nationality. However the most common feeling was mistrust of one nationality towards the other. Of course in such environment it was problematic to spend time at the opposite side. However situation got better in last years, because people are gaining more and more consciousness about importance of mutual respect and about the fact that we are all the same people whose country was destroyed by corruption and that the actual border is "in our heads". I liked to cross the border and to create friendships with the people of different nationality. I am not afraid of crossing the border; it must not stop you from being human being.

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